20/21 Floorball winners from leagues around the world

photo by Martin Flousek / Cesky florbal

Floorball season in 2020/2021 was different than in previous years. Whole season was problematic due to pandemic situation. Most of the countries stopped their leagues during the season, but most of them continued after situation got better. In our summary you will find out 18 league winners (men’s and women’s) with links to replays/highlights and also where leagues stopped and never restarted.

Sweden, SSL

MEN’S SUPERFINAL: Storvreta IBK 3 : 5 IBF Falun

WOMEN’S SUPERFINAL: Thorengruppen IBK 5 : 4 Pixbo Wallenstam IBK

IBF Falun celebrating, photo by Per Wiklund / innebandy.se

The best leagues in the world ended without major surprises and anticipated teams have confirmed their qualities. In men’s league initially surprised team FBC Kalmarsund with second place after the regular season, but in play off semifinal they lost against IBF Falun. In superfinals, unfortunately without spectators, won IBF Falun in men’s, and Thorengruppen IBK in women’s category.

Players from Thorengruppen IBK, photo by Per Wiklund / innebandy.se

Replay men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noJCREfcmhI&ab_channel=mamazboyzRiddlerX

Replay women: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRxR5DSg0aM&ab_channel=mamazboyzRiddlerX

Finland, F-liiga

MEN’S FINAL: SC Classic 4 – 0 Espoo Oilers (in best of 4 series)

WOMEN’S FINAL: SB-Pro 4 – 3 PSS (in best of 4 series)

SC Classic celebrating the victory, photo by Jarmo Koskela / Salibandy.fi

In men’s finnish league we could see SC Classics road to fifth consecutive title. This time with hard work in play off semifinal against Nokian KRP, where they were loosing 2 – 3 on matches and had to turn over the series. In final series Oilers could not stop finnish giant and Classic convincingly won 4 – 0. Women played dramatic series, where SB-Pro closely won the title against PSS.

Men’s 4. final highlights: https://www.ruutu.fi/video/3832319

Women’s 7. final highlights: https://www.ruutu.fi/video/3843420

Switzerland, NLA

MEN’S SUPERFINAL: Floorball Koniz 3 : 2 SV Wiler Ersigen

WOMEN’S SUPERFINAL: Skorpion Zollbruck 2 : 4 Kloten-Dietlikon Jets

Koeniz with the cup, photo by Markus Aeschimann / swiss unihockey

Wiler Ersigen, the most successful team in swiss history was chasing oponent in superfinal, but Koeniz with great defense did not allow Wiler more than two goals and won swiss league. Women from Kloten-Dietlikon Jets confirmed the role of the favorite and reached the title for 20/21 season.

Highlights men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWJveNdDqwo&ab_channel=swissunihockey

Highlights women: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlbnF4KD5pM&ab_channel=swissunihockey

Czech republic, Livesport Superliga

MEN’S SUPERFINAL: Mlada Boleslav 6 : 3 1. SC Vitkovice

WOMEN’S SUPERFINAL: 1. SC Vitkovice 8 : 7 Florbal Chodov

Mlada Boleslav scored a goal, photo by Martin Flousek / Cesky florbal

Really interesing superfinals were seen in the Czech republic, but also with controvensial decisions of referees in men’s match. Mlada Boleslav enjoyed the cup at the end, but in the final minutes of the match refeeres made 3 major mistakes and made it impossible for 1. SC Vitkovice to equalize. If you love goals, you should not miss women’s match, where 15 goals were scored and 1. SC Vitkovice won in overtime.

Highlights men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQjKlwDi66U&ab_channel=%C4%8Cesk%C3%BDflorbal

Highlights women: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wBZ90st9iI&ab_channel=%C4%8Cesk%C3%BDflorbal

Latvia, Elvi liga

MEN’S SUPERFINAL: Talsu NSS 2 : 3 Rubene

Replay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wLoY7iK6Gw&ab_channel=floorballtvlv

WOMEN’S SUPERFINAL: Kekava 1 : 2 Rubene

Replay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0H8SUNbVxt4&ab_channel=floorballtvlv

Other league winners

DENMARK, Select LigaenBenlose (men), Copenhagen (women)

ESTONIA, SaalihokiligaSparta (men), Eesti Maaulikooli (women)

POLAND, EkstraligaZielonka (men), Nowy Targ (women)

AUSTRIA, BundesligaVSV Unihockey (men), TVZ Wikings (women)

Not completed leagues, without official winners

Germany, 1. FBL

Norway, Eliteserien

Slovakia, Extraliga

Singapore league

and others…

Let’s hope that next season will be played in normal mode and we will see winners from all of the leagues!