Kettunen continue as Czech coach despite disagreements with players

10_a kettunen continue photo by Martin Flousek / Cesky florbal

Finnish coach Petri Kettunen continue on Czech national team bench up to WFC 2021 in Finland. Kettunen had contract to the end of year 2020, so Czech federation discussed the options of whole situation, but at the end extended coach‘s contract for one more year. Mainly because Petri coaching was heading to World Championships, which should take place this December, but was postponed to 2021 due global COVID pandemic.

Linköping captain Matej Jendrisak will not play under Kettunen, photo by Per Wiklund / Svensk innebany

Many national players had problems with Kettunen coaching and decided not to play in national team, if Petri would be in the lead. Specifically WFC 2020 captain Matej Jendrisak, Lukas Veltsmid, players from TOP Czech team Mlada Boleslav and others. These players disagree with head coach procedures and communication. That is why Czech team had many young players in WFC qualification and other national matches in past year. This situation will probably last until the next championship and we could see different Czech national team in WFC 2021.

In WFC qualification Czech republic tested many young players, photo by IFF