TOP 20 Floorball teams in the world (2020, part 2)

photo by Per Wiklund /

We selected the best floorball teams in year 2020. Rankings are by FloorballFan team opinion. In this part we are presenting the best 10 teams in the world (places 20 – 11 HERE).

10. IBK Dalen

photo by Adam Troy

Dalen, tradicional SSL club, which excells in team playing. By side of playing club legend Ketil Kronberg, team is trying to reach final every year, which they lastly played in 2013.

9. Oilers

photo by Anssi Koskinen /

Oilers, club with many finnish talents, now with offense lead by Kainulainen and Iiskola brothers. Oilers last won title in 2006, but this new generation can bring to the club another one.

8. Pixbo Wallenstam IBK

photo by Adam Troy

Pixbo Wallenstam is powerful well known club with many interesting players in it. Such as Martin Ostholm, club icon. Pixbo won many international tournaments in last decade and keeps a stable form.

7. Linköping IBK

photo by Adam Troy

You will not find more international players in club of Swedish league than in Linköping. With national players from Switzerland, Czech republic or Finland they are reaching every year high places and fighting for finals.

6. SV Wiler Ersigen

photo by Martin Flousek / IFF

Wiler is top Swiss club with brilliant defense leading by Finnish national team players. Club icon Mathias Hofbauer retired in 2020 and and passes his experiences to younger players. From last 10 seasons was Wiler 8 times in final, of which he won the league 7 times!

5. Mullsjö AIS

photo by Per Wiklund /

Mullsjö convincingly belongs to high SSL rankings. Their offensive combination and clever moments of surprise can push and beat every defence. The team is not afraid to play hard and courageous.

4. FBC Kalmarsund

photo by Adam Troy

Kim Nilsson, the best player in 2020 by innebandymagazinet is leading his team to the cup. Apart from Nilsson, the team has no big stars, but in 2020 they hold great form and have already won against everyone except the best team in the world.

3. IBF Falun

photo by Per Wiklund /

Falun is Swedish gigant, where you will find the most offensive players in the world, Emil Johansson, Galante Carlstrom and others. A combination of experienced and young players are not as strong and confident in 2020 as in the past, but when they have a good day, they can overshoot everyone with a big goal difference.

2. SC Classic

photo by Esa Takalo /

The biggest club in Finland, really hard to defeat. Classic is dominating Finnish highest league in past years and have respect in the floorball world. Half of the team is playing in the national team, which won gold medals in 2018 and 2016.

1. Storvreta IBK

photo by Martin Flousek / IFF

You would not find more skilled a stable team in the world than Storvreta IBK. In every line is player which could be in the national team. Athletic style and fast speed are the big advantages of this club. The winner of 2020 Champions Cup also won 6 times Swedish title.

And that is how we see the best actual teams in floorball. Thank you for reading our rankings! We will publish soon other interesting articles/videos! 🙂